Guest Artist: MichaelisMoshu

From the main hall, there are several ways down though the Manor. The further down one goes, the more gothic the architect becomes. After a certain point, one will find a door and a plaque.

The Manor’s Cellar.

Down here is where this…well, pronoun is masculine yet it isn’t quite clear sight unseen. Vandor has been around for a very long time. Before the Manor, Before Serena. He has been around. Tending to his underground sanctum and his eternally perfect moonlight mane.

When Serena offered him a place in her regime above, to store and protect the countless casks of blood-filled slaves in waiting, he took it gladly. A quiet place away from the world to enjoy what he enjoys, with few interruptions from the above chaos of Misery Manor, except maybe from the Pumpkinks.

That isn’t to say he can’t be as monstrous as anything else in the Manor. Tis more that he’d rather enjoy his peace and solitude with the occasional polite guest. The slaves are stored, the Misery is collected, his “wine” is collected, and his hair is impeccably taken care of.