Guest Visions from Town of Samhein

Tales from Town of Samhein

Suspense – Introduction – Witch – Ill Manored

Author: Wolvun


1,500 words

As October falls, the Town of Samhein prepares for the annual nightmare of the Harvest Festival.

Mystery – Curses – Creepy

Author: M.M.

Jun 2021

1,000 words

A midnight curiosity shop offers objects with deep history, and objects with history to come.

Backstory – Emotional – Demonic

Author: Wolvun

Oct 2020

1,350 words

Father Hampton takes Natalie’s mysterious confession yet again.


Author: Wolvun

Dec 2020

250 words

A crook makes a daring escape from the Town of Samhein, but comes across bumps in the night.

Psychological – Ill Manored – Medical

Author: Wolvun

Nov 2020

1,100 words

A doctors records of a struggling with a series of unusual conditions.

Uplifting – Monster – Magical

Author: Wolvun

Nov 2020

600 words

The children in the Town of Samhein are being kept safe from monsters in the night.