Doctor's Notes

Story by Wolvun



Patient name: Mileena Drake
Treatment: See Form D3
Disciplinary record: F3-F9


Original Transfer Notes:

Mileena Drake is a troubling case. She was recovered nearly naked several miles from the nearest city. Rambling about  “missing the Carnival” and “the troupe”. Normally finding someone that far from any settlement would have long term malnutrition or dehydration. Yet Mileena had neither. Thankfully, she would make a full physical recovery.

It is concluded she was left there after some sort of illicit activity. Possibly involving drug usage as she appears confused or delusional.  During the police interview, she was incoherent and has since been preliminarily evaluated as schizophrenic. The continued insistence of “witches” and “slaves” a recurring theme for her. I have had little experience with cult behavior, but it appears consistent with the theory that she has been cut off and is struggling to come to terms with her place in the outside world again. If this is all because of cult brainwashing, I have hope that with treatment, I can bring her back to us and get her through this traumatic experience.


90 Day review:

Mileena continues to believe in her stories. Describing horrific torture and monsters. Signs of abuse? It is hard to be clear. Yet she continues to insist she needs to go to Samhein, which is at least three counties away. We have reached out to Samhein Mercy Hospital and have found no indication that Mileena has been anywhere near that area. Perhaps the if there is a cult bunker it is near there, yet police records do not have any evidence of such. Nor the surrounding cities. 

Mileena continues to be one of our least problematic patients. The only real sticking point for the orderlies is her complete non-understanding of body coverings. She will often remove clothing without any awareness of self or how others may perceive it. She occasionally insists they’ll see her if she’s wearing them. Thankfully there hasn’t been any incidents between the patients.

She’s best kept calm when allowed to wear the old, worn gag ball she keeps around her neck. Any attempt to remove or touch results in violent retaliations, even after it is returned. 


120 Day review:

Mileena has been separated from the other patients. Her insistence of what she has been though is disturbing the other patients. Many of them having to have their medication temporarily increased so that they may sleep. I will increase my sessions with her so that she is still having regular human contact, and to monitor her progress more closely as things develop.

A compromise has been made as well. Milleena is allowed to wear a two piece swim suit so long as it remains on during the day. There has been no further issues on this matter. The gag ball remains a consistent issue, yet nothing can be done. She is removed from visiting areas when guests are around. It is amazing how attached she is to such a thing.

Further therapy has resulted in the story. Her insistence that she is “ill mannered” is strange and likely a mindbreaking tactic of whomever did this to her.  Deep abandonment issues hide in the story of a “Carnival” packing up and leaving with her “sisters” before she can return. Perhaps this “Vandor” is the leader of this community? That is where she claims she had been and was unable to make it back.

Further details on this story are submitted with this file.


Incident Report:

Mileena has been fully sedated. 

Orderly Jason will have two weeks off with pay.

From what can be gathered, with the changing of the seasons, the talk of Halloween has been floating though the facility. Due to some patient’s preferences, is it often referred to in a child-like manner. Candy and costumes. No mention of any of the unpleasant-ness of the season.

Mileena had become more and more withdrawn the colder the weather has become, which is unlike her. She still refuses to wear any more than her swimsuit yet has become almost predatory. As far as creating improvised weapons and blocking her room’s door with her bed while sleeping on the floor.

This all came to a head when Doctor Nicole came to the facility with a company approved witch’s hat which was white to match her lab coat. Mileena at first sight of what can only be assumed is the hat, flipped the breakfast table (which is heavy enough to require three of our staff to move) and leapt over it. Barreling toward the doctor with the plastic knife in hand. If she had been speaking, it was mumbled by the her own gag which she had forced into her mouth. 

Orderly Jason was the one to intercept. Getting the full blunt of the improvised weapon. What hadn’t been expected was the ferocious follow up. Nails and hitting. Orderly Jason is a big person, but Mileena was fighting as though she believed it was for her life.

After restraining, the gag was forcefully removed for her own safety. Only making the issue worse. Deep groves were in the plastic. It didn’t look like from the usual wear and tear from such actions I assumed. The only groves I had seen were from my time tending to an amputation that needed to be done urgently. Wood is much softer, yet the teeth marks in this toy designed to handle such stresses were deeper.

I have put into the record another possible person of interest. No last name, but “Serena” is an unusual name. Perhaps someone else can be found.


Submission of my Resignation Letter:

As much as I have enjoyed working with you all, I regretfully inform you that I am leaving the service with immediate effect, and am sincerely sorry for the difficulties caused to other staff by my sudden departure.

I am doing this in regards to the patient “Mileena Drake”. Not by any of her own actions, but by what happened to her.

Early October, she was transferred without my knowledge to Samhien Mercy Hopsital to the care of Doctor Sasha Gourd. I have looked into this myself and there is no one staffed at that hospital who is as qualified as we are to provide psychiatric care. Upon further investigation, none of the staff, not even the utility staff, go by either of the names Sasha or Gourd.

I will not stand by and let this Vandor or Serena or whoever did this to Mileena be allowed to reclaim her into their fold. Therefore, I am going to see to this matter personally, and bring Mileena back to our care and safety.

Happy Hallowe’en
        Dr. Nathaniel Drake