No Bumps

Story by Wolvun


Alone at night, the little girl lays in her bed. Snuggled in and dreaming of all the candies and all the pretty costumes that would be coming this Hallowe’en.

Nestled into her arms is a stuffed wolf doll. Something she had been given by her parents to keep her safe from the monsters that hide in the dark.

When she got it, she didn’t need her night light anymore. Her protector’s comfy fluff lulled her off to sleep. All under the street lights that slunk in though the window until they too clicked off. Leaving her to dream sweetly. 

The night sits still while the darkness hangs heavily. The rustling of the bushes, the settling of the house, the wood creaking in the walls, the wind outside, and the sound of something hungry creeping its way in.

Two pinpricks of light show the intruder. A true rarity outside of the Misery Manor, for most of its ilk do not desire leaving such a safe and easy feeding ground. They may not be satisficed, but outside the walls the misery is even thinner. Only the truly fat and gorged retain the focus to slip away into Town. Where the misery may be less, yet there is no competition to feed on it either.

Slinking though the darkness, the small orange fiend settled its eyes upon it’s first uncontested meal. It can stay as long as it desired until moving on. No struggle, no rush. Sliding and creeping onto the bed. Staring hungrily at the small child cradling her doll.

The girls helpless screams would be a feast this night for the fat pumpkink.

It crept forward. Mouth widened. If it closed teeth around her face, it could feed even longer before it’d need to flee. 

But something twitches.

The girl shifts in her bed. Frowning in sleep as though having a sour taste. Twitches again and rolls over. The pumpkink frowns. It hardly mattered. Bouncing upward. A silent shift.

Except it doesn’t reach her face. It’s teeth don’t even damage the blanket. Smacking into the light and crashing to the floor. Looking stunned and trying to see what coulda stopped it’s feeding/

There stood the wolf doll. A blue aura about its small, fluffy body. Dropping from the bed. Lifting a small paw in threat. Lacking the fingers to ball into a fist, but the gesture containing the threat nonetheless.

The fat monster bares its carved teeth at the wolf doll. The expectant shriek cut short by the wolf doll darting forward with speed the pumpkink could never match. Striking the Pumpkink again and again. Snarling, the Pumpkink bites down. It’s teeth could scrape flesh from bone, this fluffy doll would be nothing.

At least it should have been.

The Blue Aura held firm as the wolf doll batters against the pumpkink, slowly pounding into the soft gourd, caving it in from the exterior.

The pumpkink’s roar was muffled by the doll’s body as its paw caved in part of its eye. Letting go and taking off for the window. The jagged expanded hole of its left eye a mark against what happens outside of the Manor.

The wolf watching the window until it was satisfied that the pumpkink wasn’t coming back. Climbing back into bed and nuzzling back into the arms of his little girl, who had remained in her pleasant dreams.

A small tag sticks out the back of the fluff as the wolf cuddles in.

Azure’s Doll Shop Promise:

No bumps in the night.