The Wrong Road

Story by Wolvun


The flash of the muzzle.

A scream.

An engine roaring to life.

Frantic jerks of a steering wheel.

Handfuls of cash sitting on the passenger seat.

Heavy panting.

A fence smashed down.

Tires screeching on the road out of town.

But no police? No sirens?

The car sped into the darkness. A singular cutting beam of light illuminating the nothing spreading before the driver. This would be the easiest get away they’ve had yet. It seems that hitting the small Town of Samhein had paid off better than they could have hoped for.

Easy money, no chase.

Suddenly, a figure in the road. 

Hunched over.


An animal?

The driver looked back. A spark of pity hoping that whatever had picked the wrong road tonight was at least out of its misery.

Nothing but the illumination of Samhein behind them.

Turning back with a sigh. Thoughts of only how to get a bigger haul in the next town. 

Especially if it was this easy again.

Just one more.

Always one more.


The driver looks back. Whatever the creature had been is now getting dragged under the car. Pulling over to remove the body, even if only to avoid leaving a bloody trail to be followed later.

The headlights flickering now. Turning back and seeing…claws! Sunk into the hood of the car. Thick fur around the large eyes looking back across the light. Long, discolored fangs. A naked woman? A monster, deformed.




“You chose… the wrong road tonight…”