Heidi 'n' Seek

Heidi ‘n’ Seek is a 40 page horrorporn graphic novel, following a magical journey through a kinky carnival that happened to be horrifying on Hallowe’en!

The story is a Kinktober 2020 collaboration between myself and Wolvun. The Kinktober version is free to read below!

And when you buy Heidi ‘n’ Seek, you get:

  • The full graphic novel at higher resolution, compiled in one PDF
  • Completed artwork – finished lines and full colouring
  • 9 bonus pages – at various points in the story
  • A bonus illustration of the Clown

Any purchases of Heidi ‘n’ Seek will be split 80/20 between myself and Wolvun, and all sales help support more naughty, naughty content! <3

Month of the Harvest 2020