The Temple of Starlight Screams

Cult of Starlight Screams IMG

The Cult of Starlight Screams is, was, and will be a fiendish torture cult who have control of a fortress that sits outside of time. This power has given them access to technology, time, space, and as many victims as they could ever want to get their hands on!

The Cult is depraved, sadistic, ruthless, and everywhere! No one is quite sure where or when the cult came (or will come) from, as their influence expands in both directions of time: they reach into past and future, both as a way to gather influence and victims, and as devilish tortures for the victims themselves.

Their goal? To the outside it would look as if their goal is a sheer obsession with torture and experimentation. But a hierarchy can be seen, and their preaches call for devotion…but…to what?!