A Treat for the Watchers

A Treat for the Watchers

September 14, 2020

A look into the Town of Samhein, where Lady Fortuna has her magical gambling venue set up. The Witches have agreed to a pact to not use magic to do any harm to the people of Samhein who live so close to the torturous Samhein Estate, but no one plays the games against their will. Every game has contestants, happily and willing to play, to risk life and limb, to place it all on a bet to get the most wonderful prizes of their dreams…and knowing the risks involved if they lose.

Here, people don’t bet their money, there’s no use for money for Witches. Here, people bet their own bodies, their own parts, their own flesh. They play against each other to win full control over each others bodies. What they might do with the other person, the body parts, is up to them, although they are often traded in to the Witches for something of a more specific wish.

Unfortunately, this hard game is only made harder. The players have the freedom to torment and torture any body parts they currently have, making the others’ chances of winning drop rapidly, giving them an edge, they think. Not so much of an edge when all players do it to each other, and start inevitably all losing together, and often all find themselves in the hands of Lady Fortuna, who has of course done no harm, sitting at the back only watching, encouraging, tempting, and streaming the games to all who might want to watch and enjoy the gradual suffering of the players. The players rarely win here. The games are just a naughty treat for the watchers the world over. The players, well, they only suffer here.

2k watchers, and 100k pageviews have landed on DeviantArt for me at the same time! I wanted to create a wee picture to mark the occasion, but when I realised both would land together, I thought I’d do a bit more, and this was a great excuse to put this wee story together I thought! 
Thank-you, everyone on DeviantArt, here, and everywhere else, for following, commenting, encouraging, supporting, and helping me bring the sweet dreams of the jail to you all, in a way I never expected to be able to do but am more motivated and energised than ever. I really appreciate it, and can’t wait to keep doing more :)

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