September 15, 2020

Heidi is the Samhein Uni student that is going to get invited to check out the Hallowe’en Samhein Carnival, an adults only kinky-carnival with all the kinds of fun you can imagine. She’s been told once she’s been there she just won’t be able to tear herself away!

Heidi, however, has never really taken the local legends seriously regarding the magical and horrible nature of the haunted Samhein Estate grounds where the carnival will take place, and isn’t expecting a kinktober nightmare!

Heidi is the character that will be the focus of Kinktober 2020! This year the setup for the series is going to follow her and her journey, rather than standalone pieces, and will hopefully give a more continuing sense of dread and fear. She was named by PyperHaylie (who created the Kinktober list) and I asked for suggestions from subscribers and the community on her design, which I got red hair colour, braces, and the braces to be coloured with matching jewellery.

I hope you like her…well…not too much! 

Character, Concept, Schoolgirl, Student, Braces
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