Calipsyse’s Selection

Calipsyse’s Selection

September 25, 2020

This commission includes 4 versions: Alone, Waiting, Deepthroat, and Fucked

Callipsyse the elf is in the machine and given a wee controller in her reverse-prayer locked hands, hopefully she can keep onto it! She’s going to see herself getting fucked from above or from below, and the controller she has is the only thing she can do to change it!

While Callipsyse can toggle the fucking device, from either the massive and thick throat dildo, to the more modestly sized, but ribbed electro-dildos, the toggle will have a longer wait time locked between each toggle.

But there’s a catch, her angsty rival is free to have some control over her as well!

She is never far away, with a toggle controller of her own, and is also able to interrupt and interfere with whatever plan Callipsyse might have!

Sweet Dreams, Callipsyse! x 

Dildos, Electro, Machine, Elf
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