I Remember Only Chains

I Remember Only Chains

June 24, 2020

Patrons got early access to this commission (and the next part), it’s like they’re living in the future! :O

Includes 2 images: with detail boxes and without

The elven Siffidi Sisters, Nysyphe and Annoris, were grabbed one fateful day. That was back in their life of freedom in the forest, of lush and life and love. And now, from those days, all they can remember is the sudden dark day of metal, ropes, collars, leashes, and being dragged away into their new life. They could see the very forest itself turn duller and grayer as they were taken away, mourning the loss of the sisters.

They would soon forget all about that life, as they would have much more pressing things to think about in their daily lives. But they never will forget this day.

Cleaning them up after capture:
Cleanup Crew by PixelJail

Elves, Fantasy, Capture, Chains
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