Their First and Last Bath Together

Their First and Last Bath Together

June 24, 2020

Patrons got early access to this commission (and the previous part), it’s like they’re living in the…deja vu? :O (Eek)

The elven Siffidi Sisters, Nysyphe and Annoris, were grabbed one fateful day. Taken away by the bandits, they were sold to a powerful and sadistic gnoll warmistress, with a fortress full of slaves….in particular, helpless and delicate elves!

Coming from the forest, covered in nature, the sisters first had to be cleaned up, in order to be decided what role they might be put into for their new slave lives, whether they will become a show slave, clean, attractive, sparkling….or fall into another, darker, dirtier role, like the worker slave on their cleanup crew. Covered in brutal piercings designed only to get in their way and leave every opportunity for additional suffering while they do their thankless tasks.

Not that the sisters got to worry much about that right now. The spinning wheel they were placed on pounded them with water, and left them upside down while they got rinsed, desperately holding their breath until they were on the front of the wheel, able to breathe, but in place to get a soapy scrub from a long, bristly, and brutal broom handle with full access to their sensitive elf flesh…

The elven introduction
I Remember Only Chains by PixelJail

Elves, Bath, Water, Torture, Cleaning, Machines
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